Do I have to buy Student Workbooks?

Student Workbooks (or the student license that comes with the digital subscription) are required for the HealthSmart program for Grade 3 through High School. Many of ETR's evidence-based programs also have required workbooks.

Student participation is an essential part of any research-based or evidence-informed intervention. The student workbooks provide students with all of the activity sheets used in the program. Having their own workbooks helps ensure student engagement, and also provides educators with a completed portfolio of student work for review and assessment. Each grade level (Grades 3–5) or content area unit (Middle School and High School) comes with a classroom set of 30 Student Workbooks.

Digital subscriptions include a student license that allows teachers to assign, download or print copies of the activity sheets for a classroom of 30 students. It is possible to mix and match the formats. Some users of the print edition purchase a subscription to print student materials instead of using the printed workbooks, and some schools or agencies purchase digital subscriptions for their teachers, but provide printed workbooks for students.

Workbooks can save time and money over duplication costs (see cost comparison chart) and are an easy and complete way to ensure all students have the requisite reading assignments, worksheets, roleplays and other activity sheets.

Cost Comparison for a 48-page Student Workbook

HealthSmart Student Workbooks

Typical Copy Prices

Single workbook = $3.00

@ 0.11 per page = $5.28 for single workbook

Classroom set of 30 = $90.00 ($3.00 each)

Price for set of 30 = $100.80 ($3.36 each)

Saddle stitched

Add stapling = $102.30 ($3.41 each)

Full-color heavyweight cover

Add color cover = additional $35.40 for 30 ($4.59 each)