How do I use HealthSmart student resource PDFs in a Schoology assignment?

The video below has a good description of the process. Written instructions are also provided.

Attaching a Fillable PDF to a Schoology Assignment

  • Download the HealthSmartstudent PDFs to a folder on your desktop or other location. 
  • Go to your course on Schoology. Click Add Materials. Then click Add Assignment.
  • Name the assignment. Then go to File and select the PDF from the folder on your desktop and attach to the assignment. (You can click on edit details if you want to rename the file to something more student friendly.)
  • Add instructions to the description if you want to further clarify the assignment for students. Let them know they can Upload their work to submissions on the right.
  • Click Create. Then your students will see the assignment in the list.
  • You will be able to see student submissions of the assignment in the Submissions list from your teacher view.