Is the print or digital edition best for me?

Both the print and digital editions of HealthSmart were designed to be easy to use. You can choose the one that best meets your needs.

School districts that use a Learning Management System or who are moving toward using technology in the classroom may find it ideal to have the lessons and the teacher/student materials in a digital format. 

The print edition gives teachers their own individual printed teacher’s guide and classroom materials, such as colorful classroom posters for grades K–2, and individual student workbooks at the upper grade levels. It’s ideal for schools whose teachers prefer a bound book or where teacher/student computer access and/or internet service is an issue.

Schools and districts also mix and match to fit their unique circumstances. For example:

  • Teachers may prefer to have a printed Teacher’s Guide, but purchase a digital student license to make student materials available for students to complete on a laptop at school or from home.
  • Schools or agencies may purchase the digital edition for their teachers but provide printed workbooks if students don’t have access to technology.
  • When conducting the program remotely for students, teachers can review and plan using the print Teacher’s Guide or digital lessons, then use the PowerPoint slides, which include all the notes for the lesson, to present the lesson and guide discussion in the virtual classroom, while students download and complete their activity sheets from home.
  • The integrated digital option allows HealthSmart to be used within the school's Learning Management System. Teachers can assign and students can complete their work online through the LMS. Some schools also provide printed Teacher Guides or Student Workbooks along with the integrated digital option on an as needed basis.