What changes have been made to Making Proud Choices (MPC) and Reducing the Risk (RTR) with the 2020 program updates?

ETR made changes to both MPC and RTR in 2020 to ensure inclusivity and a trauma-informed approach, and to meet recent legislative requirements in certain states.

The following changes were made to both MPC and RTR in the 2020 program updates:

  • Reviewed and updated data and content to reflect advances in technology and medical accuracy.
  • Addressed any language that could contribute to stigma or over-emphasize a fear-based approach in sexual health. This included a range of changes, from updating lesson titles to reframing activities and discussion questions.   
  • Insured inclusivity related to gender identity, sexual orientation, and behavior.  
  • MPC-specific changes: Provided updated video alternatives with discussion questions in a separate supporting document.  
  • MPC-CA-specific changes: Several new activities were added to the California Edition of MPC (MPC-CA) to ensure alignment with the most recent California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA) regulations.