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Admin Guide: Configuration for Google Classroom

This article explains how to install and configure the HealthSmart API integration with the Google Classroom Learning Management System (LMS).

The following configuration guidelines are intended to be used by district IT. Please schedule a 10-minute call with us to confirm the integration setup and initiate the data sync. To schedule the setup call, please contact support@etr.org.

What You Need To Get Started

  • A school/district digital subscription to HealthSmart.
  • School/district IT has scheduled an integration setup call with ETR.


  • The HealthSmart integration is configured for users with either a teacher or a student role in the LMS. 
  • The HealthSmart launch link is typically configured NOT to be accessible to students; students only access content assigned by the teacher.
  • If a district administrator attempts to open HealthSmart and they receive an error message, double check that the administrator has teacher permissions in the LMS, then HealthSmart will work correctly. 

Step 1: Confirm Google Administrator Access

You must be a Google Administrator to complete the integration process. To confirm that you're a G Suite Administrator, visit the Google Admin Console. If you are an admin, you will have access to the App Access Control page, see example below:

Google Admin Console

If you do not see the above page and cannot log into this link with your school Google credentials, you will need to have an administrator with additional privileges perform the integration.

Step 2: Adding the HealthSmart App to the District.

  1. Login to your Google Workspace Admin Console using your administrator credentials.
  2. From the Admin Console dashboard, click on "Security" from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Access And Data Control > Api Controls > Manage Third Party App Access
  4. Click on the "Add App" button to add a new app to the access control list.
  5. In the "Add app" dialog box, select "OAuth app" and then click on "Continue".
  6. In the "Add OAuth app" dialog box, enter the client ID for the app you want to add. For this example, we will use the HealthSmart application, which has the client ID: 415358462368-agf4k28chqu9nf6tf849pqoq2pn2jubj.apps.googleusercontent.com
  7. Click on the "Authorize" button to authorize access for the app.
  8. Once the app has been authorized, select the "HealthSmart" application from the list of authorized apps and click on "Add".
  9. In the "Add OAuth app control" dialog box, select the appropriate access level for the app.
  10. Click on the "Add" button to add the app control to the list of authorized apps.

Optional After Step 2: Add ETR to Allow List

Sign in to your Google Admin console using your administrator account.

In the Admin console, go to Menu

Click Account > Domains > Allowlisted domains
Click Add domain
Enter the domains:


Click Add
Click Save

Once added to the allowlist and you will be able to grant access to apps and services from that domain as needed. It may prompt to for the level of access, select Trust.

Step 3: Distribute Launch Link to Teachers

Each school district may choose the best way to distribute the launch link to their educators. For example, some districts prefer to add the link in an SSO portal such as Clever or ClassLink.

The launch link authenticates the teacher by automatically logging in to the HealthSmart site using the teacher's school-assigned Google credentials. See example:

The launch link will bring the teacher to the HealthSmart sign-in page for Google Classroom. 

💡Tip: teachers manage their rosters and enrollment in Google Classroom. To test the HealthSmart integration, sign in to Google Classroom as an instructor enrolled in at least one course.

Once logged in, educators will see the HealthSmart welcome screen under Lessons showing the teacher’s name, the district name, and the LMS. The lower part of the screen shows the grade levels of HealthSmart that are included in your subscription.

Starting HealthSmart

Optional Step:

If the district is adding the launch link to a portal by creating a manual app, please download the image file to use as the HealthSmart icon/logo:

HealthSmart Logo

Final Confirmation: Congratulations, you’re all set! Please schedule a 15-minute call with us where ETR will share the ClientID and guide district IT to run a test launch of HealthSmart. This will verify the correct integration setup and initiate the data sync which will take 24 hours to complete. To schedule the setup call, please use our online scheduler

Additional Content Control Settings

HealthSmart allows school districts the autonomy for local decision-making to ensure all lessons align to state and local policies. A district administrator can be assigned content control settings to select the lessons they want educators to use while opting out of any lessons that don’t fit their scope and sequence.

To use content control settings, a district administrator can be assigned the Lesson Selector Tool which provides a toggle switch to turn on/off lesson access for all educators. See example below:

The Lesson Selector Tool is only enabled by ETR support. To request using the Lesson Selector Tool, please share the name and title of the district administrator during the HealthSmart setup call, or submit your request to support@etr.org

📑Note: The district administrator will need teacher permissions in the LMS in order to use the Lesson Selector Tool. Teacher permissions in the LMS are handled by district IT.