Can I adapt an ETR evidence-based program to be delivered virtually with youth?

These programs were designed specifically for in-person education, but we believe the activities and learning strategies can be adapted to continue to meet the program objectives—if sound virtual-learning strategies are used.

We encourage you to take your program to a virtual space, if allowed by your funder. ETR does not review or approve adaptations made by agencies that have purchased an ETR-distributed program. Any reviewing or approving of adaptations will need to be decided between you and your funder.

To support your adaptation process, check out ETR’s Design for Learning Tip Sheets. For specific suggestions for Making Proud Choices (MPC) and Reducing the Risk (RTR), check out ETR’s free Virtual Guidance Support Resources.

Additional resources can be found at Common Sense Media and Edutopia—these sites have great ideas on how to successfully teach online.