Do you offer online training for educators implementing your evidence-based programs?

Currently, only one of the programs ETR distributes, Respecting the Circle of Life, has a self-paced online training.

The self-paced, online training for Respecting the Circle of Life gives educators the knowledge and skills to implement the curriculum effectively and with a high degree of fidelity. Educators can work through the e-learning modules at their own pace, with plenty of reinforcement and opportunities for review along the way. The training prepares educators to understand and share accurate information related to STD, HIV and pregnancy, as well as adolescent risk behaviors. It provides training and modeling for teaching assertive communication and refusal skills, decision-making and goal-setting skills, and condom use skills to youth; as well as instruction to help educators effectively use the teaching strategies found in the curriculum, such as brainstorming, roleplay, small-group work and full-group discussions. The training includes guidance and practice in answering youth questions accurately and sensitively, as well as videos that model how to handle difficult situations with youth and families.

Trainings on other ETR programs are delivered virtually or in-person with an ETR trainer facilitating.