Does ETR require agencies to purchase the Digital Bundle for a program in order to attend a Training of Educators?

Purchasing the program is by no means an ETR requirement for attending a Training of Educators (TOE).

You are welcome to continue to use your current edition of a curriculum and develop your own adaptations to facilitate virtual learning. If you have not already done so, you might want to check out our free Virtual Guidance Support Resources.

However, both Making Proud Choices and Reducing the Risk went through a content update this year, and educators may wish to have the most current edition of these programs. The updated curricula include the following changes:

  • Updated data and content to reflect advances in technology and medical accuracy. 
  • Correction of language that could contribute to stigma or an over-emphasis on a fear-based approach in sexual health education. This included a range of changes, from updating lesson titles to reframing activities and discussion questions.  
  • Updated language to ensure inclusivity related to gender identity, sexual orientation, and behavior.