Does HealthSmart address cyberbullying?

This is a critical topic, as many young people are immersed in online interactions with their peers and others.

Bullying lessons in Grades 3–5 provide information about cyberbullying and example scenarios include stories about students who are bullied online. The middle and high school levels of HealthSmart give special attention to students' online activities in the context of violence prevention and sexual health, as well as in terms of accessing reliable online resources across all subject areas.

For example, the Middle School and High School Violence & Injury Prevention lessons on bullying include cyberbullying as one of the types of bullying students may experience. Students examine ways cyberbullying is similar to and different from traditional bullying, and look at how using communication technology affects how they interact with and express conflicts with peers.

Lessons at the upper grade levels also help students understand the risks and consequences of sexting, both in the context of cyberbullying, and, in the sexual health units, in terms of behaviors that can contribute or lead to sexual activity or pressures to have sex.