Frequently asked questions about videos and DVDs

ETR sells many videos on DVDs. Here's some more information about our DVD collection.

Do your DVDs have closed captioning?

Only three of our titles have closed captioning: 

  • Nicole’s Choice
  • Tanisha & Shay (CA version)
  • The Subject Is HIV (abstinence version)

Do you offer Spanish language videos?

Not at this time; however, the following DVDs included in the Spanish version of Making Proud Choices! 5th Edition Basic Set are provided with Spanish subtitles:

  • Tanisha and Shay
  • Nicole's Choice
  • The Hard Way, The Subject Is HIV (safer sex version)
  • The Subject Is STDs (safer sex version)
  • Wrap It Up & Condom Use Animation

Are there online versions of the videos available for streaming?

The digital versions of several of our popular evidence-based programs come with online access to the curriculum videos. You can also find clips and trailers of the videos we sell on ETR's YouTube channel.

Have you updated the videos that come with your evidence-based programs?

ETR's trainers have created an Alternative Video Guidance Document that directs educators to free videos that can be used to replace the videos referenced in Making Proud ChoicesBe Proud, Be ResponsibleMaking a Difference; and Promoting Health Among Teens (abstinence-only and comprehensive versions). The identified alternative videos were selected for their ease of use and their medically accurate and inclusive content. For each video, ETR has provided new discussion questions and key points or take-aways for the educator. You can request access here.