How do I decide what to leave out, if I don’t have time to teach the entire HealthSmart program?

Educators and administrators can choose the lessons and content areas that will best meet the needs of their students.

Many health education programs throughout the country don’t allow enough time for all HealthSmart units and lessons to be taught. If there isn’t enough time to teach the entire HealthSmart curriculum, school districts should choose those units and lessons that are aligned with their scope and sequence and/or examine existing local health behavior data to determine the greatest needs for the students in their district.

The online Lesson Planning Tool enables educators to select particular content areas, skills, and healthy behavior outcomes outlined by CDC’s Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT) to generate a personal lesson plan that contains the lessons most relevant to their needs and desired outcomes.

Reviewing the HealthSmart Scope & Sequence charts for each grade level can assist schools with deciding on a focus. Which healthy behaviors need to be reinforced at your school? Have you identified areas of problem behavior or risk taking? The Scope & Sequence charts identify core concepts, lesson objectives, National Health Education Standards met, and healthy behaviors supported by each lesson. Links are below. The charts can be found on the Lessons page for each grade level.

If you must omit some of the lessons in the program, using the Lesson Planning Tool and Scope & Sequence charts will allow you to make an informed decision.

Grades K–5 - Scope & Sequence

Middle School - Scope & Sequence

High School - Scope & Sequence