How much can I change an evidence-based program to fit the needs of my target population?

Some programs are more flexible than others about changes that can be made.

Once you’ve zeroed in on a possible program, refer to the Core Components and Adaptation Guidelines documents to learn more about whether the program can be adapted for your population. These can be found under Programs, on the Adaptation Guidelines & Tools tab on the page that describes the particular evidence-based program (EBP).

Be sure to check FOA guidelines as to whether prior approval is required for any adaptations you are considering. 

Read more about green-, yellow-, and red-light adaptations here

In addition, please note that ETR owns the original and derivative rights to its EBPs.  Developers making significant adaptations to these programs or materials are encouraged to register their efforts with ETR and must understand that adaptation of an ETR program does not grant the developer of the adaptation the right to disseminate or commercialize the work in any way or represent such work as approved by ETR.