Teacher Guide: How to use HealthSmart with Canvas

HealthSmart Integration Teacher Setup - LMS: Canvas

The HealthSmart LTI v.1.3 integration with Canvas provides a simple way for students and teachers to access HealthSmart content from within the LMS.

In this article you can find step-by-step instructions on the following topics:

What You Need To Get Started

  • A school/district digital subscription to HealthSmart.
  • School/district IT has completed the Schoology integration setup.

Logging In

HealthSmart digital integration with Canvas begins by the teacher logging in to the LMS as they would normally do. The login will appear the same way your district has configured single sign-on or SSO.

Canvas login

App Install

Depending on how the district configured HealthSmart in Canvas, the teacher may need to do a one-time install of the HealthSmart the app. Start by clicking on a course.


Next, click on Settings in the course navigation at the bottom of the homepage.

Click on Navigation in the menu.


Find the HealthSmart app at the bottom of the list. Click and drag to place it in the course navigation, then click the Save button.

📑 Note: once the app has been installed, HealthSmart will be located in your list of digital tools under the course navigation.

Starting HealthSmart

Watch the following video to learn how to use HealthSmart with Canvas.

The homepage for teachers may look slightly different depending on how your school/district has set up Canvas. Select a course, then look for the launch link for HealthSmart in the app list on the left-side menu. Clicking on the launch link opens the HealthSmart app.

The HealthSmart welcome screen under Lessons will show the teacher’s name, the district name, and the LMS. The lower part of the screen shows the grade levels of HealthSmart that are included in your subscription

HealthSmart Home

The teacher clicks the grade level they are teaching to view content. For middle school and high school, the teacher will choose the topic to view the content area.

Accessing Content

In this example, a teacher has chosen the topic, Emotional & Mental Health for middle school.

Topic Selection

Clicking a topic brings up the list of lessons for that content area. To choose a lesson, click the View lesson link.

Explore this Lesson

Once the teacher selects a lesson, they can see all items related to the lesson in the Explore this Lesson tab including the overview, materials and preparation, teaching steps, and assessment. There is also a button that will allow the teacher to print out the full lesson.

Explore this Lesson

Teacher Resources

The Teacher Resources tab includes all the materials for the teacher including slides, teacher keys, masters and scoring rubrics for the lesson.

Teacher Resources

Student Resources

The Student Resources tab includes all the materials students use during the lesson, including assignments and assessments. From here, the teacher can Preview a student worksheet or download/print the resource when the Print icon is enabled.

Student Resources

Student Assignments

📑Note: Teachers must have a published course in order to create LMS assignments.

To assign student work, start from the Assignments page in the left-side menu within your Canvas course, then click the +Assignment button.


Next, scroll down to Submission Type.

In the Submission Type menu, select External Tool then click the Find button.

External Tool

Clicking the Find button brings up a popup window. From here, select HealthSmart.

HealthSmart External Tool

Clicking on HealthSmart opens a popup window where the teacher can choose student resources from all lessons in the subscription. Note: the page will automatically load the most recently viewed lesson.

  • Grade: Select the grade level you are teaching
  • Topic: Select the content area from the list
  • Lesson: Select a lesson from the list to choose student resources
  • Assignments: A list of student resources will appear; click on a title to assign to students
  • Language: Choose whether the students receive the resource in English, Spanish, or both

Click the Add Material button to create the student assignment.

Add Material

After choosing the Add Material button, click the Select button from the External Tool popup to confirm the HealthSmart assignment selection.



⚠️Important: always click the Select button in the External Tool window after creating the assignment from the list of HealthSmart lessons.

Finally, the teacher can customize the assignment by entering a Name, adjust the Grade settings and Due Date as needed, and add an optional note for students to read.

Assignment Name & Description

To save the assignment and publish for students, select Save & Publish in the bottom menu.Save & Publish

All assignments created by the teacher will be on display in the Assignments page. 

Grading Assignments

To start grading, click on the title of an assignment.

Selecting an assignment opens the HealthSmart grading page listing all student submissions. The grading page can be filtered by student first name, last name, progress, and completion date, and includes a search option to find a specific student. Click the blue View icon next to a student's name to review and grade the submission.

📑Note: If a student's name is missing from the list, it means they have not drafted or submitted the assignment. HealthSmart is unable to display students who have not started an assignment.

Assignment Grade

Grading will appear at the top of each student assignment. When grading HealthSmart assignments, note that default grading is automatically set to a value of 100. This can be edited to whatever value is desired, then once a score is entered and Save Grade is clicked, the % score is sent to the LMS, and the score will be recorded in the LMS grade book.


In the following example, the teacher will enter a numerical score into the box, add an optional comment for the student to read, then click the Save Grade button to sync with the LMS gradebook. Clicking the Save & Next button will also save the score to the gradebook and allow the teacher to move to the next student in the list to grade their assignment.

Returning back to the assignment, HealthSmart will display the list of individual submissions with the grade and optional comment recorded, which will sync to the LMS gradebook.


To view the full list of grades assigned to HealthSmart student work, go to the Grades page found in the course navigation. From here, the teacher can manage and export all grades if entering into another gradebook system or platform.


Student View

Once students have logged in to the LMS, they can go to their course, select the Assignments page from the top menu and see a list of all resources that have been assigned by the teacher

Open an Assignment

To start their work, the student clicks on the title of the HealthSmart assignment.

Student Assignments

After clicking the link, a new window will open with the HealthSmart worksheet.


In the following example, a student has opened an assignment. The student can work on the assignment within this window and the autosave feature will keep track of their progress. If the student needs to come back later to finish or relaunch the same assignment, the application will recall their previous answers.

At the top of the assignment, the student can use the toggle for either the English or Spanish version (setting created by the teacher). 

A saved draft will be noted by the message: Progress saved. Not submitted. 

Assignment features

Submit an Assignment

When the student is ready, they will click the Submit Assignment button to save their work to the LMS for the teacher to grade. A pop-up window will appear to confirm the submission and the following message will appear: The assignment was successfully submitted.

Popup Submit

Successfully submitted

Once the assignment is submitted, the student can close out of that window.

View Grade

If a student would like to resubmit or view their grade and teacher's comments on an assignment, the student can simply reopen the assignment by going to the Assignments page and clicking the title of the assignment.

Content Control Settings

HealthSmart allows school districts the autonomy for local decision-making to ensure all lessons align to state and local policies. A district administrator can be assigned content control settings to select the lessons they want educators to use while opting out of any lessons that don’t fit their scope and sequence.

To use content control settings, a district administrator can be assigned the Lesson Selector Tool which provides a toggle switch to turn on/off lesson access for all educators. See example below:

The Lesson Selector Tool is only enabled by ETR support. To request using the Lesson Selector Tool, please share the name and title of the district administrator during the HealthSmart setup call, or submit your request to support@etr.org

📑Note: The district administrator will need teacher permissions in the LMS in order to use the Lesson Selector Tool. Teacher permissions in the LMS are handled by district IT.