What are the similarities and differences between Making Proud Choices and the California Edition of Making Proud Choices?

Making Proud Choices (MPC) and Making Proud Choices, California Edition (MPC-CA) are very similar! Everything covered in MPC is verbatim covered in MPC-CA. However, MPC-CA has additional content not provided in the original MPC.

The additional content in MPC-CA ensures that the curriculum aligns with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA)—California legislation that took effect in 2016. CHYA ensures that all students in the state receive equitable sexual health education on content and topics shown to be important for youth to receive in middle or high school.  

We always recommend and encourage those who want to teach MPC to go ahead and get MPC-CA regardless of where they are located. It is not just for educators and youth living in California!  

Content specific to MPC-CA includes:  

  • A Pre-Module on Sexual Diversity & Healthy Relationships
  • A new activity in Module 4 that focuses on Affirmative Consent
  • Additional appendix activities on Unhealthy Relationships & Preventing Dating Violence and Understanding Sexual Exploitation

Even if you are not currently required or even allowed to cover these topics, we believe this content is important. If and when you are able to share this information with youth, MPC-CA provides these modules and you would not have to create the lesson yourself. If you can include these new modules and activities, ETR encourages you to do so.

If you do not teach the pre-module and remove the affirmative consent activity you essentially have the original MPC. Everything covered in MPC is covered in MPC-CA.