What’s been updated in ETR’s evidence-based programs?

It is our goal at ETR to keep our evidence-based programs (EBPs) up to date and relevant for today’s youth, while maintaining fidelity to the core components and key characteristics linked to effectiveness.

ETR periodically reviews our published EBPs for the following types of changes:

  • Statistics updates
  • Most current recommendations for HIV/STI testing and treatment
  • Presenting birth control methods in order of effectiveness, with a greater emphasis placed on long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs)
  • Inclusivity and sensitivity to LGBTQ youth
  • Adherence to trauma-informed approaches to sexuality education
  • Information about affirmative consent and ways for teachers to foster respect and mutual responsibility when teaching refusal skills
  • Suggestions for increasing inclusivity and sensitivity to different gender identities when teaching and grouping students