Why doesn't HealthSmart cover first aid?

First-aid procedures can be difficult to teach correctly to a full class. Performing some techniques poorly or without sufficient knowledge can do more harm than good.

The developers' reasoning around not including this topic was that there are many national organizations such as the Red Cross that teach first-aid practices thoroughly and well, and educators from these programs are best prepared to present that information to young people. If a school needs to cover first aid as part of its district mandates, it would be better to enlist professional instruction from one of these community organizations.

HealthSmart does include content to address the healthy behavior outcome “Get help for oneself or others when injured or suddenly ill”—for example, the Grade K lessons on how to get help from an adult when ill or injured, or the High School lesson on responding to emergencies—however, such lessons do not delve into specific first-aid procedures, but rather keep the focus on being prepared and knowing how to get help.