Admin Guide: Configuration for Canvas

This article explains how to install and configure the HealthSmart LTI v.1.3 integration with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

The following configuration guidelines are intended to be used by district IT. Please schedule a 15-minute call with us to confirm the integration setup and initiate the data sync. To schedule the setup call, please contact

What You Need To Get Started

  • A school/district digital subscription to HealthSmart.
  • School/district IT has scheduled an integration setup call with ETR.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin / Developer Keys and select + Developer Key, + LTI Key buttons.

Under the Developer Key, enter the following into Key Settings
Key Name: HealthSmart
Owner Email:
Redirect URIs:
For the method of configuration, select Paste JSON.
Copy and paste the contents of the provided JSON below into the configuration box and give the key a name using the Key Name box.

"title": "HealthSmart",

"scopes": [







"extensions": [


"platform": "",

"settings": {

"platform": "",

"placements": [


"placement": "course_navigation",

"message_type": "LtiResourceLinkRequest"



"placement": "assignment_selection",

"message_type": "LtiDeepLinkingRequest",

"selection_width": 1200,

"selection_height": 800




"privacy_level": "anonymous"



"public_jwk": {

"e": "AQAB",

"n": "s0jOxXnt8RJ8dS6GRYruhh08MnrWD1jUZPv7bQ1lsRSbowIZahtd86ThrPuYyzsHau7GPDY3zXWQeK0MGToU_9jL1ptQhiowqVqdNG4Eeg7XKUwZh-vxDbxQ9_ntpu0lskZFISdtiIQo1tuyoID3rfWx90GVBgICLfx4Exoy_wNOcdmTip0xWqxPnyU8UHsXmtdEbcIzZQ2ry8vf7nhXPK1sMbMTitjLz0MfmTMu5Ja7EAUsYoOTmMzoEHlOU2gFYbYatOT925Q4za-LXUBu7-SD17sZ-B52WPmZ2s1CEemPndAUxoGDaw0vvsSRCW4wPHB1agRnfr6MNwJzX955cw",

"alg": "RS256",

"kid": "7zg1GQTZ7Ku4RadnTedVx9LMJ05AYUlQvU4VFrd2liM",

"kty": "RSA",

"use": "sig"


"description": "Where Good Health Starts\nHealthSmart is ETR's comprehensive K–12 health education program for classroom and virtual instruction.",

"custom_fields": {

"name": "$",

"email": "$",

"given_name": "$",

"family_name": "$"


"public_jwk_url": "",

"target_link_uri": "",

"oidc_initiation_url": ""



Please click Save.

Step 2: Please make a note of the Client ID and Client Secret.

❗Important: both the Client ID and Client Secret will need to be shared during the tech setup call with ETR as well as teachers when installing the HealthSmart app.

The client id is found here (highlighted in blue):

Clicking “Show Key“ displays the client secret.

Copy the developer key (from the details column), also known as the client id, and then navigate to Settings, Apps, + App.

Now install the app by changing the configuration type to By Client ID, add the client id, and click Submit.image

Step 3 (optional): 

It is possible to install HealthSmart at the course, account, or sub-account levels. To install an LTI 1.3 tool at the sub-account level, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Sub-Account: Log in to Canvas and navigate to the sub-account where you want to install the tool.
  2. Go to Settings: Click on "Settings" in the sub-account menu.
  3. Choose Apps: Click on the "Apps" tab to view available apps.
  4. Find the App: Search for the app you want to install, or if it's a custom integration, you may need to choose "View App Configurations" and then "Add App."
  5. Configure the App: Enter the required configuration details, including the LTI 1.3 credentials (e.g., use the client ID to lookup the HealthSmart app we installed previously)
  6. Install the App: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 4: HealthSmart should now appear in the course menu.

Teachers may need to add HealthSmart to their course navigation, instructions can be found in the Teacher Guide: How to use HealthSmart with Canvas.

When a teacher launches using that link, they should be greeted with a welcome page:

Optional Step:

To create an Icon/Logo, please download the file:


Final Confirmation: Congratulations, you’re all set! Please schedule a 15-minute call with ETR where you will share the ClientID and run a test launch of HealthSmart. To schedule the setup call, please contact